Sehgal foundation is an nonprofit foundation started by Dr. Suri and Edda Sehgal, who lived and raised their family in Des Moines, Iowa. The foundation has a big footprint in India and does several community projects across many Indian states. They match our funds and execute programs to help improve schoolchildren’s welfare in rural India. The Sehgal Foundation is registered 501C3 organization. All the donations made to them are tax exempt and will be matched 1:1 as they execute the project.

The Sehgal Foundation has been an integral part in the field work necessary to help in all the ways we do. Their team in India has been nothing short of excellent in constructing water systems, educating schools in maintenance, and developing valuable relationships with the local governments managing the schools in need.

We are truly lucky to partner with an organization as devoted and generous the Sehgal Foundation. Please visit them at:

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