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We are proud to announce that Water for success foundation was chosen by the students as a charity where the proceeds from International night at Valley high will be donated to.

An Indian American Teen Speaks Out: India – Just Another Country? Far from It

As a little kid, I always thought of India as just another country. Just another place where people lived, just like the United States. As I grew up and learned more about the world we live in, I reserved this notion of India in my head. In school we learned about the malnutrition in Africa and the infectious diseases of South America, but, for some reason, I always thought of India as just another country. It took me 13 years until I learned that India was far from “just another country.”

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The Des Moines Register News Story

The Des Moines Register recently published a news article covering the impact that nonprofit organization such as Water for Success Foundation and Sehgal Foundation are making in solving clean drinking water problem for the students in rural India.

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The American Bazaar News Coverage

Recent story posted by the American Bazaar about solving water problems of India’s schoolchildren, drop by drop.

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